Customer Experience Management-Performance Solutions CEM-PS™

Development Services

City financial growth and corresponding economic development will be highly dependent upon the competitive effectiveness of the city’s Development Services function. Our CEM-PS™ consultant team helps city management ensure that their Development Services function has the necessary customer-focused practices in place that make it easy to do business with your city. We also ensure the organization has the customer experience management tools to meet or exceed the service level expectations of planners, developers, builders, businesses, and property owners.

Our CEM-PS™ consultant team approach and deliverables:

  • Mapping customer expectations from the outside in, evaluating the effectiveness of the organization’s service performance at each customer touch point.
  • Defining the critical gaps in required performance to meet or exceed future customer expectations, as contrasted with the effectiveness of other competing municipalities.
  • Designing a customer experience management framework and developing a transformation plan that addresses performance gaps at critical touch points.
  • Providing transformation coaching, training and continuous improvement tools, to include:
    • Customer Experience Playbooks™, a game plan for supervisors & employees to manage customer expectations at each touch point
    • Customer Performance Measurement, a tailored program to monitor performance levels, service excellence progress and areas for improvement.


Customer Experience Management-Performance Solutions
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